As a youngster in High School I found my interest in photography through the class yearbook. I remember one Christmas morning I found a "cold-light" enlarger under the Christmas tree. My Dad helped me set up a darkroom in our utility room and that kicked off my carrier in photography.

That was in the late 60ís and I soon found myself in the Army where I supported the PIO office of USARHAW. This became an environment that included everything from portraiture to traffic accidents to "state dinners" to morgue research to MP stakeouts just to mention a few of the diverse photographic situations I found myself in. It was truly a fantastic learning experience.

Soon after the military I shot weddings for a local studio for a year and a half. That was a stepping-stone to the next 22 years, which I spent at GoodYear Aerospace later to become Lockheed Martin. There I supported the in-house lab and the still photo section. The time spent there was a blend of shooting experience and old school lab processing that further developed my ability and exercised my talent as an artist as it relates to the photographic image. The migration from wet lab to digital photo shop has been easier that I had expected and today I try to bring all that experience to the art of landscape photography.

Through out my childhood my family spent a lot of vacation time in the mountains of the western states. I guess that is how I became so connected with the national parks and the history of the west and the nature of those areas in general. Therefore I jumped at the chance to spend a week in Jackson Hole, WY at a workshop where my instructor was Chris Johns, wildlife photographer for National Geographic and now Editor in Chief. From that point I was hooked on nature and landscapes.

Since 1997 when I turned my attention to nature and landscapes I have collected a number of images that I would like to share with you here in this gallery. New images will be added on a regular basis therefore please come back and visit as often as you can. I encourage you to go and see first hand the "hot spots" of this beautiful and wonderful land that God has so richly blessed us with.

Robert Yates


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